Each campsite at Ada’s Hoeve has its own unique features, like small wooded campsites, large meadows or fields near the river. You can build your troop camp together, near each other or create your own little campsites on site.

A couple of examples. The smallest campsites are Anloo and Jan Houtman, for approximately 15 Scouts. Larger campgrounds are Gouden Pijl and Roggeveld B, both have the capacity till 200 people. But we have plenty of campsites in between. If you are looking for a place where each troop can have its own spot, then Leidersveld I, Leidersveld II and Renbaan A will suit you. It goes without saying, that each campsite has its own fireplace.

Would you like to go camping beside the river De Vecht? Where it is possible to crawl out your tent and go swimming or canoeing straight away at dawn! Then you should choose Klein Duivenbos, Purmerend or Gouden Pijl.

Some campsites are for rent too including an accommodation. Perfect for the Beavers! A building has many advantages, you’ll always have a dry and warm place to cook and sleep. These accommodations can also be booked for trainings, day courses or any other meetings. If someone books Leidersveld I and/or Leidersveld II, most of the time these campsites are booked in combination with the cabins.