Gilwell Ada's Hoeve is one of the official campsites of Scouting the Netherlands. Therefore you might expect a certain standard of facilities. At the entrance you see the reception, the staff house and shop. Here you also find the storage of supplies, workshop and warehouse barns. Just opposite you see the house of the camping owners. Nearby the parking-lot you find carts, pioneering wood and a garbage disposal area.

Toilet facilities

Everywhere on Ada's Hoeve you find toilet facilities with toilets and showers. In the high season you may share the toilet facilities (and cleaning services) with other groups. The toilet facilities are situated at the campsites: Hoek van Ruys, Leidersveld 1, Leidersveld 2 and Roggeveld B. When you visit Ada's Hoeve with a young section, like the Beavers, we would recommend to choose a campsite near the toilet facilities. Water taps can be found on almost every campsite, there are over 20 water taps.

The facilities at Ada's Hoeve:

  • Near the main road we have parking-lots for cars, motorcycles and mopeds, at the entrance of Gilwell Ada's Hoeve. In the high season cars can be parked at the back parking-lot.
  • For the transport of luggage, hand-carts are available near the parking-lot.
  • Almost each campsite has its own water tap.
  • Each campsite, the Jamboreehouse and the cabins have an own fireplace. Cooking on wooden fire is permitted. Wood for table fires and campfires can best be fetched from the forest or from the wood-sheds that you find everywhere at Ada's Hoeve.
  • Ada's Hoeve has four toilet facilities with toilets and hot showers (you need a € 0.50 coin). Please clean afterwards. All attending groups clean the facilities together. Cleaning takes place according to the cleaning service timetable. Two facilities are accessible for disabled persons.
  • At the reception we have lockers (per campsite: one locker) and a charging point for mobile phones and laptops. Don't forget to bring your own charger! Note that our camp staff will ask for money as security deposit and charge rental fees.
  • The pioneering wood is for rent as the barrels for building a raft.
  • The small shop has camping supplies and customised post cards, badges, name tags and mugs of Gilwell Ada's Hoeve.
  • At the entrance we have our own mailbox. This mailbox is to send mail (outbound). It is also possible to receive mail at Gilwell Ada's Hoeve. Make sure the sender mentions the name of the person, the name of the Scouting group and preferably the campsite he/she is staying at. Click here for the exact address details of Gilwell Ada's Hoeve.
  • At the entrance you can hand in your garbage. In the Netherlands we separate garbage in: batteries, glass, paper, chemical waste and ordinary garbage.
  • Note that we do not supply electricity on the campsites. Only campsites Roggeveld B and Roggeveld C have electricity available upon request. Aggregates are not allowed! Bear in mind: it is a national park.