scenes diagram large 300x297The campsite of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve has been managed with a personal commitment to sustainability. Ensuring that the current generations can benefit from this wonderful forestland, but also all future generations. Sustainable management is needed to successfully maintain the quality of life on our planet. Ada’s Hoeve offers Scouts the possibility to camp in a natural environment, to attend sustainable programmes and shows sustainability in practice. This way, Scouts are in direct contact with nature.

Ada’s Hoeve is an official member of SCENES, a global network. Then, Scouts can experience how different environments are all over the world, enlarging their vision on the fact that we are all connected globally. With the aim to give them knowledge about the variety of environments and cultures all over the world, creating recognition, acknowledgment and underlining the importance of sustainability.


Ada’s Hoeve wants to become a leading partner in sustainability. Not only for Scouting Nederland, but also for comparable organisations and other institutes. We want to offer a natural environment where people learn playfully how important sustainability is. Learn by doing. Together we continually work on improving the sustainability at Ada’s Hoeve. We bear in mind, that it is of course of utmost importance that all visitors look back on a wonderful and pleasant stay at Ada’s Hoeve, that is exactly what our staff wants to achieve.