Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way is to fill out the reservation form online. A couple of days after you filled out the form and sent it to Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve, you will receive a reply. If you have a preferred field, make sure to mention it on the reservation form, also the reason why. We will take everything into account and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements. Especially in the high season, your favourite field might be fully booked. Therefore, always book in time!

Have a look at the overview of our latest tariffs.

You can check online whether the Jamboree house or hiker’s huts are free yourself. As for the campsites, we have enough space for everybody! As Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve covers 45 hectares, there is always a field available. However, if it happens that we are fully booked we will mention it on our website.

Yes, you can. We have an ATM at the reception.

No, Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is a car-free zone. We have hand-carts available to transport your luggage from the parking area to the campsite. We also have trailer supports, which you can connect to your own trailer; these enable you to push the trailer to the campsite easily. You are allowed to leave your own trailer at or near your campsite during your stay. For larger events, separate arrangements need to be made.

No you cannot. You need to make these kind of reservations as soon as you arrive at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. Note that we have enough wood and drums to supply all groups.

No you cannot. You need to make these kind of reservations as soon as you arrive at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve, especially in the high season. In the off season you can make reservations in advance via e-mail.

Every campsite and/or accommodation has its own campfire pit. Campfires are only allowed on these designated areas and exclusively in a fire drum. Table fires and barbeques need to be negotiated with the camp staff. Wood for table and camp fires can (preferably) be gathered from the woods or at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. Make sure that you do not chop wood at the lawns as our lawn mowers will get damaged by splinters. In case of a long drought we need to prohibit all kinds of fires.

Yes, you certainly can. Please discuss this in time with our camp staff and we will make sure the trees are protected with jute bags or other protection materials.

Renbaan A, Missieveld, Leidersveld II, Westhoek and Roggeveld A are suitable for hammocks. The other campsites have barriers of bushes and less trees.

No you cannot. We have a small assortment of badges and name tags. If you would like to buy an official blouse, you need to go to the nearest Scout Shop. The nearest Scout Shop is situated in Zwolle.

No, you cannot. Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is a nature campsite, where we take care of nature, its plants and animals. It is a place to enjoy and embrace the quietness. If you visit Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve to pick-up your children, your dog needs to remain in the car on the parking area. Opposite of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is a forest where dogs are allowed.

No, we do not have refrigerators for the storage of food. We have one refrigerator, which is meant for the storage of medication.

We have a 80% arrangement. This means that if you place a booking for 20 people, you need to pay (at least) for 16 people. (80% of 20 = 16). If you show-up with more people than you actually booked for, this will be charged at arrival. So, please note that you are better off making reservations for less people than more.

Yes, we have WiFi near the reception area and in the Jamboreehouse. Username and password is needed.

We have a couple of campsites with power supply. These are Roggeveld B, Roggeveld C, Leidersveld I and Leidersveld II. These fields have sockets of 4 amperes. Bear in mind that these are not meant for heavy equipment.