Would you like to stay overnight at another campsite during your visit? Besides Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve, we have two more campsites in Ommen: Scouting campsite Eerde and Zeesserveld. Both are very suitable for an overnight stay. Scouting campsite Eerde is managed by its owners, whereas Zeesserveld is managed by the camp staff of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. An overnight stay at Zeesserveld is free of charge for scouts camping at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. It is an ideal campsite for troops that enjoy multi-day hiking.

labelterrein eerdeScouting campsite Eerde

This campsite is situated south of Ommen, along the way to Den Ham; a wonderful country estate next to the small river de Regge. Eerde has a couple of campsites, all with very limited facilities.

Zeesserveld 5Zeesserveld

The campsite of Zeesserveld is nothing more and nothing less than a field in the forest. There are no facilities at all. The campsite is no property of Scouting Nederland. Zeesserveld is situated at coordinate 227100-502300. We recommend using the topographic map 22C (1:25000) or 22W (1:50000) of the Topografische Dienst Kadaster.
The Forestry Commission rents the campsite -under strict conditions- to Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve only. We expect all camping guests to treat the campsite properly, so we can keep offering this overnight service for many more years to come. The maximum number of people that is allowed to stay overnight is 25.
If you would like to stay overnight, book Zeesserveld at the reception of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve will inform the Forestry Commission and camping De Besthmenerberg accordingly.