bloemen kruidenThe taste of nature

Have you ever wondered how a nettle tastes? During this activity we will explain which plants and flowers are eatable. And with some good recipes you can make your own delicious meal.

wat loopt daar in mijn tent 1What’s that in my tent?

Are you curious about all the tiny wildlife in Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve? Rent the backpack ‘What’s that in my tent?’. Per team you will discover what kind of insects you have seen wandering, flying and crawling around.

voetafdruk dierAnimal tracking

Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is host to you, but also to many animals. Do you want to know what kind of animals? Have a good look at their footprints, droppings, leftovers, hairs or feathers and listen to the animal sounds. In the summer this activity can best be done on the other side of the Zwolseweg, as Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve will become too crowded for animals.

samoerai 2Samurai, the Japanese discoverer of nature

Are you born to be a discoverer of nature? And would you like to use all your senses? Then, the Samurai workshop is a must! Here you will feel, see, smell, hear, taste and discover unforgettable things.